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Have you ever been to the theatre and sat on the edge of your seat as the intensity of suspense kept you biting your fingernails? How about Taken, Kidnapped, and A Quiet Place?

That’s what I hope you’ll experience in my novels: gripping stories, fast-paced, and full of twists, while my characters discover God’s unconditional love, the freedom of forgiveness, the value of trust, and the power of prayer.

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A Dark Silence by Dana R Lynn / One of 15 in the Dangerous Pursuits Collection

What a fantastic collection of suspense novels by some amazing authors. I had the opportunity to read one. A Dark Silence by Dana R Lynn. A Dark Silence grabbed my attention and kept me turning the page. I loved that the author’s heroine, Heidi Martin, was deaf and her only means of communication was through sign language. Dana R Lynn did an outstanding job using sign language as dialogue and maintaining the action. Heidi finds herself face-to-face with a killer with a body on the floor behind him. She escapes his grip, bolts to her car, and races to the… 

Hostile Intent by Lynette Eason

There’s no setting this book down once you’ve started reading. Every step of the way, scene after scene, something suspenseful happens. Lynette keeps the high-intensity action going and captures the reader’s attention. Ex-military Ava Jackson innocently becomes a target from an unknown source stemming from her father’s secret background. FBI Special Agent Caden Denning comes to her rescue multiple times and struggles to keep her safe. Ava is strong and determined to find answers. Caden is more determined to keep her alive. The more Ava digs for the truth of her father’s past, the more secrets she uncovers, and the… 

Trace of Doubt by DiAnn Mills

DiAnn Mills has done it again. She never disappoints her readers. Trace of Doubt is filled with one suspenseful twist after another. Concern for an ex-con, Shelby Pearce’s safety, kept me turning the page. My emotions merged with Shelby’s as I tried to help her get through the disappointments and dangers she faced. Shelby Pearce gets parole after serving fifteen years for confessing she’d killed her brother-in-law. She tries to get re-established in a small town in Texas but faces public scrutiny. The FBI concluded she’d embezzled five hundred thousand dollars, but no one had ever found the money. FBI… 

Redbird Sighting

Who knew my sister and I would find encouragement in the presence of a female cardinal outside our dad’s hospice room window? While the dove cooed and a deer meandered through the woods, a redbird cocked her head inquisitively as she peered inside the window. In an instant, she darted to a nearby tree. Silence filled the room as Dad grew weaker. My sister and I held his hand, expressed our love for the amazing father he’d been to us, and exchanged glances. In total peace, and with one last breath, he departed this earth. With tear-filled eyes, we glanced… 

Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall

The Moretti Trilogy: Promises Unbroken, Volume One Strap on your running shoes and get ready for this fast-paced, energy-filled inspirational historical suspense unlike any I’ve ever read—a definite page-turner. The characters are well-rounded and relentless in their search for Mae Ashton’s sister, who disappeared two years ago. The detailed plot is intense, with barely a moment to breathe. After finding a crumpled photo of her sister with a man’s name scribbled on the back, Mae breaks off her engagement with Davis Everleigh and leaves her parent’s peaceful farm in Georgia to go to the big city of New York for…