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Have you ever been to the theatre and sat on the edge of your seat as the intensity of suspense kept you biting your fingernails? How about Taken, Kidnapped, and A Quiet Place?

That’s what I hope you’ll experience in my novels: gripping stories, fast-paced, and full of twists, while my characters discover God’s unconditional love, the freedom of forgiveness, the value of trust, and the power of prayer.

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Mercy Undeserved by Kristina Hall

Mercy Undeserved is the second volume in Kristina Hall’s The Moretti Trilogy.  This intense historical novel kept my attention and had me wondering how the author was going to pull off another book equal to the first one in the series. Her descriptions of each scene and emotional descriptions of the hero and heroine had me visually sitting in the room with her characters. Lillian Rossi’s wealthy, mafia-like husband is murdered. His ruthless brother orders his men to find Lillian and kill her and her baby so the Rossi family’s wealth will fall into his hands. She is angry, manipulative,… 

Crosshairs by Patricia Bradley

This cleverly plotted novel kept me turning the page. Every time I thought I knew who the villain was, a twist kicked in and took me in another direction. The characters were well-rounded and the story believable. Ainsley Beaumont, Investigative Services Branch Ranger, takes the lead on investigating the murder of a pregnant teenager inside the Natchez Trace Park. Her heart plummets when Lincoln Steele, former FBI turned Interpretive Ranger and former old flame, shows up to assist with the investigation at the request of a superior. Guilt haunts Lincoln after almost killing a kid during his FBI days, which… 

Lights Out by Natalie Walters

Another brilliant novel by Natalie Walters. The opening scenes draw the reader in as the plot develops, and the tension thickens. The internal conflicts between the heroine and hero intensify with each chapter. Brynn Taylor, the Targeting Analyst for the CIA, finds herself under scrutiny by her peers after a student, who she approved to take part in her DI-AC Program, disappears. She’s forced to work with the Strategic Neutralization and Protection (SNAP) team to locate this missing man, assumed to be involved with a terrorist group. When she arrives at the SNAP facility, hopes of clearing her name plummets… 

Amish Christmas Escape by Dana R Lynn

This intense, action-packed novel kept me up, turning the page until the end. Kudos to the author. Excellent pacing as the suspense deepened. I connected with the heroine immediately and wanted to help in her dilemma. Christina (Christy) O’Malley, a prisoner in her own home, suspects someone murdered her sister. She grabs Ellie, her five-year-old daughter, and escapes in the snowy weather. Christy suspects someone murdered her sister, and she and her daughter are next. She races to her car. Someone starts shooting. The only person she can trust is Sam Burkholder, Ellie’s father. Only, Sam doesn’t know he is… 

A Dark Silence by Dana R Lynn / One of 15 in the Dangerous Pursuits Collection

What a fantastic collection of suspense novels by some amazing authors. I had the opportunity to read one. A Dark Silence by Dana R Lynn. A Dark Silence grabbed my attention and kept me turning the page. I loved that the author’s heroine, Heidi Martin, was deaf and her only means of communication was through sign language. Dana R Lynn did an outstanding job using sign language as dialogue and maintaining the action. Heidi finds herself face-to-face with a killer with a body on the floor behind him. She escapes his grip, bolts to her car, and races to the…