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Have you ever been to the theatre and sat on the edge of your seat as the intensity of suspense kept you biting your fingernails? How about Taken, Kidnapped, and A Quiet Place?

That’s what I hope you’ll experience in my novels: gripping stories, fast-paced, and full of twists, while my characters discover God’s unconditional love, the freedom of forgiveness, the value of trust, and the power of prayer.

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Synapse by Steven James

If you enjoy reading intense thrillers and futuristic novels, you’ll love Steven James newest release Synapse. Steven James did a fabulous job establishing his cast and keeping the reader’s attention. This novel will take you into the future where humans and human-like robots exist. These robots called Artificials can think and reason. One Artificial, Jordan, questions Kestrel Hathaway, a Methodist pastor, about whether he has a soul, and can he be forgiven. Kestrel, struggling with a personal loss, doesn’t know how to answer Jordan and doesn’t want to be bothered with an Artificial, especially after what happened to her parents…. 

The Girl Behind the Red Rope by Ted Dekker & Rachelle Dekker

After reading Ted Dekker’s Rise of the Mystics, I discovered that he writes from a deep-rooted spiritual point of view and his daughter, Rachelle, has developed the same gifting. The Girl Behind the Red Rope had me questioning where the story was going. Who or what is the Fury the characters keep referring to? Why can’t they go behind the red rope? My first instinct was to read about half-way through the book before writing a review, but I became enthralled by this gripping story and couldn’t put it down. In one sense The Girl Behind the Red Rope reminded… 

Fatal Strike by DiAnn Mills

If you haven’t read DiAnn’s new release now’s the time to get your hands on a copy and get started. As Lynette Eason says, “DiAnn Mills Never Disappoints.” I must agree. The opening scenes are filled with action which keeps the adrenaline flowing through to the end. Special Agent Leah Riesel and her newly assigned partner Agent Jon Colbert fight for their lives while investigating a murder. Rattlesnakes aren’t my thing, but the deadly use of their venom being injected into law enforcement officials keeps your feet tucked under you on the couch and your nose in the novel while… 

How Can We Possibly be Brave During Grief by Janet Thompson

Welcome, Janet! I’m excited to have you join me today on my blog during your Everyday Brave Blog Tour Giveaway! I invite everyone to comment at the end of Janet’s article for a chance to win an autographed copy of her new release Everyday Brave. I’m even more excited and honored to have my personal “brave” experience included in her book. Here’s Janet: “Mom, they sentenced me to ten years in prison.” In Everyday Brave, Loretta Eidson tells the story of how a phone call from her son plunged her down the deep dark hole of depression. Loretta grieved for… 

Vow of Justice by Lynette Eason

Put on your seatbelt as you begin reading this novel. It is riveting and action-packed. The suspense jumps onto the page, and the action doesn’t quit. About the time you think it’s slowing down, something else happens to FBI Special Agent Allison Radcliffe. She’s focused and determined to find her parents and sister’s killer but finds herself in the crosshairs instead. Allison’s partner, Linc St. John, has a difficult time keeping her safe. She’s energetic, fearless, and relentless in her search. Link struggles with keeping his feelings for her to himself. She lets him know that she can’t live the…